Keep Pushing by Jabez & Christopher Jenkins

B. Pleasing is the main character in an animated series geared towards uplifting girls of color. Her friends greet her as "B" for short or say "Hey B". She is a leader in her community and a positive reminder for girls to remember to be pleasing, kind, helpful, selfless to themselves and others. In each episode, B shows them just how to carry themselves in each character trait. At the end of every episode, she ends with a positive message to sum up the show and ends with her notable saying "and until next time remember to be pleasing". It's just another way of showing girls how to be pleasant and kind to one another and shows them how to build each other up. It aims to encourage girls in the process of doing so.

“The meaning and purpose behind this piece is to encourage other kidpreneurs like ourselves and to build their confidence. The goal is to let kids know they can be successful, even as a kid, if they believe in themselves.” - Jabez & Christopher Jenkins.


Jabez and Christopher Jenkins are the young innovative designers behind Kings and Gents Accessories. Jabez, 13 and Christopher, 11 are the creative minds who choose, cut and sew the fabrics. They decide which accessories should be made for their line.  They started sewing with their mom when they were only 5 and 3.  They became curious while their mother was sewing pillows and would reach up to touch the sewing machine. Christopher would sit on her lap and press the reverse button and Jabez would stand by her side and press the foot pedal to keep them safe around the machine.  Eventually, Jabez asked if she could take them to the store to pick out cartoon character fabrics to make their own pillows and so she did. Then one day, when Jabez was 9, he asked his mom if he could use the scraps of fabric from the pillows to make 30 bow ties for boys and 30 hair bows for girls for Career Day.  During Career Day he was first to sell-out of inventory, and sold out within minutes.  At that point they knew they had something special and Kings and Gents Accessories was born.

Christopher, 11 and Jabez Jenkins, 13  from Covington, Georgia

Christopher, 11 and Jabez Jenkins, 13 from Covington, Georgia

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