Kitchen Tips by Demilade Olaniyan

Children like to play in the kitchen and maybe cook sometimes. However, parents don't like children to be in the kitchen because they are afraid of the many possible kitchen hazards that could occur while children are in the kitchen.

I am going share a few kitchen tips to help parents feel comfortable with having children in the kitchen, thereby allowing their children to safely cook or bake in the kitchen supervise by an adult at all times.

Whether they are helping you cook or simply watching you cook, children must be familiar with basic safety rules in the kitchen. 

Cooking in general which includes baking, frying, roasting and more, has several benefits for growing children. It has been proven to help with confidence building, knowledge application of school work in a fun way and boosting creativity.

I am happy to share 5 great tips to keep children from kitchen hazards.

Written by 9 Year Old Demilade Olaniyan

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Demilade Olaniyan  from Lagos Nigeria

Demilade Olaniyan from Lagos Nigeria

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