Jumbo Red Velvet Muffins by Daara Olaniyan

Sometimes you could be feeling blue, in deep need of a guilty pleasure or wanting a midnight snack. You think cookies and milk will do the trick, but it wouldn't. How do I know? It happens to me, and my remedy is my jumbo red velvet muffins, it's simply a piece of heaven! 

Depending on the type of person you are, you have a couple of options: you might want to buy some or make your own red velvet muffins.

My personal advice is to make yours because it's fun, cost effective and helps your creativity. Here is my red velvet muffin recipe you should try:

Daara Olaniyan.png


Keeping all ingredients at room temperature, gives the best results.

Written by 12 Year Old Daara Olaniyan

Daara Olaniyan  from Lagos, Nigeria

Daara Olaniyan from Lagos, Nigeria

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