• Send us a bio of your littlepreneur and tell us all about their business and accomplishments. SPILL THE BEANS | We know they are little bad bosses but we’d also love to know everything from their favorite ice cream to their favorite TV show.

  • Send us a folder of pictures and videos of your littlepreneur, their business and products. These materials will be used to edit their feature video together. Please make sure these pictures are yours and do not belong to someone else. If you would like us to give credit to the photographer, please include that information in your submission.

    • Zip and upload your folder to WeTransfer. Send us the folder to prior to filling out the form to your right. Once you send the file, wetransfer will provide you a link, copy this link and THEN paste it in the form to your right where it says WeTransfer Link. Complete the form and hit submit! Voila, that’s it!

  • NEXT, we will be sending you an electronic talent release for your littlepreneur, please fill out and sign at your earliest convenience. Be on the l👀kout for the form via EVERSIGN

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